Oh my God (transgender kids)!

The debate about whether to bring to the UK up to date with other European countries by allowing hormone blockers to be administered to under 16’s couldn’t be timelier. The Independent reports this week that The British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes is revising its rules in light of the 12-year-old hoping to become the world’s youngest gender reassignment patient. Hormone blockers don’t induce changes but rather halt puberty. Yet they are currently only available to over 16’s – after much pubertal change has already taken place. Clearly many young trans people will welcome the opportunity to put off unwanted physical changes until they are able to make more permanent decisions.

Indeed, changing gender seems to be the latest trend with the kids these days, though many gender-experts disapprove of such early transitions. By ‘experts’ I mean anyone who’s read The Sun or Daily Mail, if conversations overheard this week are anything to go by.

Neither paper provides any views from trans people themselves, yet plenty from cisgender parents worried that they’re own kids are ‘too young to understand’. The Suns agony aunt suggests kiddies might now end up ‘confused’ about their own gender. Yes, really.

Oh come off it. If anything, a child seeing how these two kids are treated is more likely to be completely put off any the idea of changing gender. Besides, if it’s so easy to influence a child’s gender, why do transsexuals exist, (rather than staying in the gender forced onto us as kids)? None of the children in my family are confused by me. The police have reportedly had to caution parents and teachers from the school who’ve sent the family abusive and threatening messages online. Teachers! Surely that’s the most shocking thing in the article? Yet no-one seems to be talking about that.

More chatter is being spent upon how morally wrong it is to allow children (who cannot possibly know what gender they truly are) to transition.

As one blog (http://sophiaofthescythes.wordpress.com/2009/09/22/the-transtealth-bombers/) pointed out this week:

“The so-called “Moral argument” is why I mention intersex children… the chopping and slashing that goes on there does not seem to mean anything to the self same people who are telling a child who actually wants surgery or puberty blockers they cannot have it. It is not “Morality” it is blatant hypocrisy… How many kids with Klinefelters are pumped up with testosterone and pressured into it?”

Quite a few it seems. Oh dear, so much hypocrisy, so much ignorance… I think we should all put the kettle on then watch this fascinating documentary on YouTube:

It’s an educational and intriguing look into the latest scientific research into sex and gender. Great for learning more about intersex people, or just to show those still not convinced by all this ‘born into the wrong body’ business. Wouldn’t show them this though:


I have a feeling Lauren Harries may not be the best person to further the transsexual cause. Phillip Schofield agrees:

“What a shame that Lauren did her cause no good at all… …certainly didn’t advance understanding.”

Sorry Phil, but what did you expect? Next week he’ll be interviewing Jordan about lack of support for female football leagues – then complaining she hasn’t furthered the cause of women.

This Morning should have contacted The Gender Trust instead and had a word with our Michelle Bridgman. Channel 4 News did, but you’d be forgiven for missing her on Monday’s news. Her 20 minute interview was cut to 20 seconds.

Just don’t blink next time.

Paris Lees

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