‘C’s, TDT’s, PCT’s and CBB. Cage-fight anyone?

I usually shy away from laughing at trans people of all stripes (plenty of other people to do that job), but it’s hard not to this week.

In perhaps the most unusual cultural pairing since high-cut leotards met parkour (Google it) cage-fighting has been taken over by a new breed of masculine men with a penchant for ruffles, sequins and wigs. Hot of the press that Jordan’s hunky cage-fighting boyfriend Alex Reid has an alter ego called Roxanne, (you don’t need to put that red dress), is the news that 2 cage-fighting drag queens floored a couple of lager louts in Swansea last Tuesday:

Wait – what the hell is cage-fighting? And why are cross-dressers so keen on it? Well, according to Jon Henley in G2 magazine, it’s:

“a fun night out in which gentlemen with names like The Enforcer and King Kong apply the techniques of boxing, wrestling and martial arts to beating the hell out of each other in an octagonal metal cage. Top fighters in the US are on $1m a bout. Some 300 million people in 130 countries watch it; it’s the fastest-growing TV sport.”

Oh, that cage-fighting!

On a (slightly) more serious note is the emergence of TDT’s (Tranny’s Demanding Tits). The Sun reports Sarah-Jane Smith; a ‘sex-swap ex-squaddie’ (always the way) feels breasts would complete her – and that it’s reasonable for the NHS to foot the bill. She’s not alone. A claimant named only as ‘C’ in The Daily Mail is taking her case against the West Berkshire Primary Care Trust (PCT), to the High Court for not coughing up for her breast augmentation. I sympathise with these ladies, but at a time when the purse strings need to be kept tight and people are being denied life-prolonging drugs, public support seems unlikely. ‘C’s argument is that she has been treated differently than a natal woman seeking the same procedure, whilst the PCT claims that they have only granted breast enlargement to one such female in the past 3 years. Many women, trans or not, will no doubt be interested to see how this plays out. Bigger boobs anyone?

Congratulations to the Court which sentenced Kiran Singh Chand to 8 years imprisonment after he orally raped and beat up a transgender woman. His sentencing hasn’t really been picked up by the mainstream press (too busy with stories about boob-seeking transgenders) but the victim feels satisfied that: “the truth had been told and justice has been done.” I commend the victim for pursuing this, especially as she has become the target of a humiliating poster campaign, as well as being verbally abused and bullied on Facebook until she was forced out of her hometown. I sincerely hope she finds some peace now.

I never had Felicity Huffman down as a trendsetter but, post-Trans-America, actors are apparently signing up to play trans characters quicker than you can say Tootsie. Jude Law is currently filming his next role as a MtF ‘transsexual supermodel’, but will he make a better trans woman than Nicole Kidman? I think that transsexual actress Candis Cayne, from ABC’s prime-time drama Dirty Sexy Money, may have had the edge on both of them.

But the biggest trans news story of the week has to be the invitation of Lauren Harries into the very last Celebrity Big Brother House. Wonder if she’ll do much to ‘further the cause’ whilst she’s in there?  We’ll see.

Paris Lees

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