Another Month, Another Murder – FFS

The Archbishop of Glasgow has condemned ‘Jesus, Queen of Heaven’, and wonders how a play which treated Mohammed the same would be received. Apparently “true biblical Christianity is becoming marginalized through political correctness”. I’m personally wondering how it would’ve been received if two Archbishops had been murdered over the past month. Compared, say, to the deaths of truly marginalised people, like two transsexual prostitutes? More of a fuss, perhaps?

The Archbishop finds it “difficult to imagine a more provocative and offensive abuse of Christian beliefs than this play”. Hmm. How about killing another one of God’s children? A rather important Christian belief (according to the bible) is “Thou shalt not kill” – yet clearly it’s more crucial to denounce art, than the slaughter of trans youth.

Trans youth like 29 year-old murder victim Destiny Lauren, who was found collapsed in her flat in Holloway just before 1am on Thursday. Shocked neighbours report a distraught man arriving at her home moments after Lauren was rushed to hospital. 30 minutes later she was pronounced dead. A post mortem gives “manual compression to the neck” as the provisional cause of death.

Last month I described Andrea Waddell as the 260th trans person to be murdered since 1999, but the latest figures list her as number 350. Destiny Lauren is 352. 351 is an unidentified person wearing women’s clothing, found unconscious and bleeding on the streets of Baltimore. My guess is that transphobia killed these people.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Lawrence however is keeping an open mind regarding a motive for Destiny’s murder, and urges those with information regarding this investigation to contact the police. I urge everyone to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on November 21st and honour those whose lives have been needlessly wasted (TDOR’s website:


I feel bad that rabbits are being used in the gender war.

Scraping the barrel for positive news? If successful rabbit womb-transplants didn’t quite fill you with joy last week then you’re probably (a) a trans-man, (b) an animal lover, or (c) both. However, if you’re (a) but not (b), you might be pleased with some other clever doctors who’ve been growing penises on – you’ve guessed it – horny rabbits. Unfortunately for trans-men, to benefit from these developments stem cell research must be done, as penis cells are currently only grown from pre-existing tissues. The Times (who, would you believe, has a transgender journalist working for them) explains better:

Over in showbiz land, Gwyneth Paltrow’s set to play Nicole Kidman’s wife in the film adaptation of David Ebershoff‘s award-winning 2001 novel The Danish Girl. Kidman will play Lili Elbe, whom in September I ignorantly referred to using her old boys-name. Sorry. See – I make mistakes too. Just like the journalists referring to intersex-Lili as a transsexual; or just ‘man’, in The Telegraph’s case.

Slightly less high brow is Jamie Foxx’s new film, where he and Martin Lawrence will play cross-dressing bank robbers. My oh my – that sounds simply hilarious!

Funnytran Eddie Izzard, who last popped up running charity marathons, has been having trouble persuading people he’s trans. I know; I hate that too. Izzard toned down his cross-dressing to focus on his U.S. television-career and now those darned American’s just won’t believe him:  

“I tell everyone I’m a transvestite over and over again. I never thought that I would be on TV begging people to believe I’m a transvestite.”

Clearly he’s not convincing enough.

Finally, if you’re not fooling anyone, you might be considering Facial Feminisation Surgery. I am. I’m also thinking about writing as blog on it, so if you have any interesting experiences or views regarding FFS, then please contact me. 

You knew what FFS stood for, right?

Paris Lees

(The views expressed within this blog are those of the author, and may not reflect those of the Gender Trust).

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