THE GENDER TRUST BLOG: C’est la Police, Madam

THE GENDER TRUST BLOG: C’est la Police, Madam

Seen Keither Sutherland in the Sun this week? He’s wearing a dress – “the most humiliating moment of my life”. Comedy gold, that.

Or heard the one about the transvestite paedophile? Sadly, it’s not a joke (but this article is):

Stephen Owen, whose main crimes – according to the Sun – seem to be wearing his wifes dresses. He’s also a child abuser.

There you go – hard proof the Sun views trans people as worse than paedophiles. The article’s focus should be on Stephen Owens’ disgusting crimes, but instead it’s his cross-dressing, referenced 13 times. The abuse receives just 5 mentions.

The Sun also strikes lucky thrird time and recieves our STOP Award for this story about Amy Winehouse’s ex Blake Fieder-Civil, who has apprently been dating a young trans woman:

If it’s true, I’d say he’s done better for himself this time round.

(Our NICE Award goes to the St Helens Reporter:

In George Orwell’s 1984 the establishment maintain control via the Thought Police. Every neighbour’s a spy, every colleague a law-enforcer, and even your own offspring might shop you in. Sounds dreadful, eh? Yet we’re living it now.

No? OK, next time you’re out with company, shop-lift. (Hypothetically of course, or else I’ll get in trouble). I’m willing to bet most your friends will turn a blind, if somewhat disapproving, eye. But break a gender rule – ‘wrong’ changing rooms for example – and witness the Gender Police swoop.

The problem is, the Great Unwashed believe in just the two types of human:

1. Men (with penises)
2. Women (without)

Last year some charming young brutes openly discussed whether my friend was “really a man” across a pub bar. And they meant it too; for them she really was a “bloke” – in exactly the same category as their fathers, their brothers and themselves. Odd.

This ideology is frequently applied when defending murderers with the so-called ‘Trans Panic Defence’ (or the “I-Killed-Them-After-Discovering-It-Was-REALLY-A-Man-Defence”). It’s founded upon the victim missing a body part the killer expected them to possess. And because the idea trans people are tricksters has currency means it’s taken seriously in some courts, remarkably.

Stephen Fry – please recognise our truth!

So watching Stephen Fry’s response on QI when questioned about how to tell if a trans woman is ‘really a bloke’ was Quite Irritating. Now I’m rather fond of Stephen Fry (I even joined that group on facebook suggesting he be Prime Minister – along with Joanna Lumley) and I’m sure he’d never offend trans people intentionally. Which actually makes his January 8th QI comments all the worse: “A good ladyboy can imitate almost anything female…a dainty ladyboy can easily fool and often has.”

I had been hoping Mr Fry would stumble across my blog one day and tweet me into national fame, but I don’t think he’s aware quite how superexcellent this blog is. If he did, I’d ask him to answer ‘really a bloke?’ questions in future with “No, she’s transgender” rather than perpetuating a notion of trans people as mendacious, deceptive, fakers which, to be honest, is truly false.

But back to our totalitarian regime. The government this week came under fire for new airport body scanners which display people’s private (the clue’s in the name) parts:

Don’t worry it’s just fiction…

Apparently, the Equality and Human Rights Commission suspects the scanners might breach an individual’s right to privacy. No shit! Airport officials will be able to see boob-jobs, genital size and even if you’ve had some sort of prolapse. Now there really are things one likes to keep to oneself…

Including one’s sexual fantasies… a 24 year old woman just got her rape case thrown out of court after it emerged she disclosed group sex fantasies online to a man before going to visit him. She claims her intention was to have sex only with him but was raped by several men after arriving at his house:

Yet Judge Robert Brown ordered the jury to return not guilty verdicts as, “This case depended on the complainant’s credibility….Not to put too fine a point on it, her credibility was shot to pieces.”

Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell condemned the proceedings:

“How does fantasising about sex with multiple partners result in the woman’s credibility being “shot to pieces,”? Sharing [sexual fantasies] over the internet with a willing recipient is not a crime. She was not inviting rape. Group sex is sex with consent. Rape is not.”

Not if Big Brother disagrees. And no marching through Wootton Bassett either, if BB disapproves. (He does). Yes, I’m repulsed by Islam4UK (admittedly, my main beef with them is for replacing ‘for’ with ‘4’), but we do need 2 take 3dom of speech seriously.

And the freedom to display topless photo’s on social networking sites. Yes, even good old facebook recently went all fascist and banned a trans man for posting pictures of his post-reconstruction chest (
But they soon U-turned and told Dominic Scaia he’s free to reupload the pictures. Phew! I was just about to post my own topless photos on facebook to make a point, or two.

And finally, though frequently behaving like one, I didn’t appreciate an “Excuse me madam” this morning. Surely I’m not in Big-M territory yet? In fairness I don’t think English was the shop assistant’s first language, (though judging by his follow-up “Sorry, miss” he’d understood my look of pure hatred perfectly well).

A victory, all things considered.

Paris Lees

(The views expressed within this blog are those of the author, and may not reflect those of the Gender Trust)

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